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Case Studies

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While having a great quality Website is important, the need for a top-level Search Engine Optimization or SEO campaign is equally so.

Search Engine Optimisation is the engine that drives your website, putting you on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc and ultimately driving an increased volume of sales leads or enquiries to your business or organisation.

At Harmony Designs, we have over 10 years experience in implementing campaigns that make a massive difference to our client's businesses.

Once the campaign is running, the Website's visitor rate increases dramatically, month on month, and, in turn, so do the inbound sales enquiries.

We're based in Durban, Kwazulu Natal and offer our services everywhere, including Ballito, Umhlanga, Hillcrest, Westville, Pietermaritzburg, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, throughout South Africa and Internationally.

Below are a few Case Studies / Examples of some of our client's campaigns and their Google Ranks & results, so you can see for yourself.

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Globally the most important place to target is Google, due to their having 70% of the market share. This far outshines the others like Yahoo, with a 9.6% and Bing, with a 9.8% market share.
These less important providers ultimately follow Google's tail, so getting it right in Google is the main focus in any SEO campaign.

The other side of Internet advertising or marketing is whether to go for Google's Adsense, a Pay Per Click (PPC) solution or Organic.

Pay Per Click (PPC) / Adsense works with you paying Google a changeable fee to advertise at the top or on the side of their pages with a 'Sponsored Ad' and whenever someone clicks on your advert you get charged an amount which varies on how valuable that position is. The value is drawn from how competitive your position is.

Ultimately, internet users don't really trust Pay Per Click results as they perceive that the advertiser has bought their way there or 'cheated' and often the result doesn't provide a close enough match to what the user was searching for.

Organic SEO is where the Ranks have been earned naturally through the provision of a high quality campaign and good content, structure and technology.
Internet users trust these results far more (x8 times more) as they are confident that the results will provide a close match to what they are searching for.

So which is better; PPC or Organic?

The obvious & simple answer is Organic... hands down!

Organic Search Results get over 8 times more clicks than a Pay Per Click (PPC) result.
So putting your advertising budget towards a professional campaign make far more sense.

Every aspect of the campaign is measurable, using Google Analytics, so our clients have complete transparency and know what their ROI or Return On Investment is.

As you would expect, our client's are more than happy to advertise in this way and often pull out of other advertising mediums, like print, newspapers, magazines, Pay Per Click, banners etc to focus entirely on their Organic Campaign, which reaps massive rewards and saves them money, versus these other methods.

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