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Modern Website Design calls for a modern approach and while CMS, or Content Management Systems have been around a long time, the devices on which they are now viewed have completely changed in recent years.

Enter the Responsive CMS Website.
This is the latest step in CMS Technology where the entire website has been built Responsively.
This means that your website and it's content can be optimally viewed on any device, whether it's a Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or Smart Phone.

Not only have Google recently announced that Responsive Websites are their preferred method of Web Site construction, but we also are seeing companies of all sizes the world over quickly rebuilding their websites to ensure total device compatibility.

After all, Mobile Internet use now accounts of roughly 70% all Internet viewing. That's massive!
Read our Responsive Web Design page is you haven't already.

Content Management Systems allow you, the Website owner, to update, modify, edit and manage the content of your website, from the text, categories, pages and sections, to images, galleries, links and other key elements.

Have a read about the primary benefits of operating a CMS Website by clicking on the tab below:

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Primary Benefits:

Easy To Manage And Update

CMS websites are very straight forward to manage.
For most of the popular systems there's plenty of online guidance available and, of course, you can get additional one-on-one training from the original supplier of your CMS website, namely us.
You don't need technical knowledge to manage your Content Management System so it's really open to anyone.

Regularly Updated Content

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow for the easy updating of your Website.
You're able to login to the Admin Panel of your Website and create new content at the touch of a button.
Having fresh content on your website is great for not only the Search Engines but also your business image.

Site Search

CMS Websites allow for the simple integration of a Site Search box.
This user-friendly functionality allows your website's viewers to easily and quickly search for specific content in your website.

Use Of Templates

CMS Websites use templates, which has its advantages over traditional, static websites that do not.
With a CMS website, one can change the template, and therefore, layout and look of the website without altering the actual content.
This makes for very efficient design make-overs and trend-based modifications.

Login & Manage Your Website From Anywhere, Anytime

There's no need for special Software or device specific access here. You can literally Login form any web enabled device, albeit a Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or Smart Phone and manage the content of your website in real time.
This is now made especially convenient given the onset on Mobile Smart Phones and Tablets that can easily used for this task.

Different Levels Of User Access

Most Content Management Systems have differing levels or roles of User or Admin Access.
As the website owner you are able to assign specific roles to individuals with varying limits on access and functionality.
For example you could have someone write a piece on your blog but not be able to publish it live. The webmaster could then review the new content and publish it if appropriate.

Effective Search Engine Optimisation / SEO

Content Management Systems can also be optimised for Search Engines, and with the content being updated regularly you potentially have a recipe for great Search Engine Ranks, whether its Google, Bing, Yahoo or Ask.

Social Media

With clever use of Social Media plugins you can easily integrate all the 'usual suspects' i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pintrest.
Of course you can take it steps further, for instance by using live Facebook or Twitter feeds or RSS that's been automatically produced from your blog.

Your Next Step

So you're interested in going the CMS route with your website.
Below are two common scenarios with solutions:

Example 1: You already have a Website

If you already have a Website then we should have most of the content and ideas already and it's just a case of migrating that information to the new website platform.
With the content and ideas already in place you'll save money.
Of course, at this stage you are presented with the perfect opportunity to completely revamp and modernise your website, bringing it in line with the best international standards and trends.

While there's the option to have a fixed width layout, given the statistics and other data you would be best advised to go with a Responsive Website Design, which is the industry standard and preferred method of modern website construction.

Either way, we'll rebuild your Website on a CMS Platform and then supply the one-on-one training you need to manage the content going forward.

Example 2: Start From Scratch

If you only have the rough content ideas and concept together we can start by expanding on those ideas with you and developing a rock solid website design plan.
We'll then create your new website in accordance with those plans and, at the final stage, supply you with the training needed for you manage the website's content going forward.

Whatever your situation, Harmony Designs have a solution.

Make your ideas a reality and Contact Us now to get started.

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