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With the arrival of 2016, an increasing number of South African's are now connected to the Internet, either through a Desktop / Laptop PC or hand-held device, such as a Tablet or Smart Phone, and with this growth comes a parallel increase in Online Shopping and eCommerce activity across the board.

In 2010 only 10% of the population were connected to the Internet however this figure has now grown to 52% in 2016.
That's 28,580,290 users... or potential shoppers to you!

This is mostly due to the arrival of hand-held devices, like Smart Phones, and their affordability (on contract) versus the relatively large financial investment needed years ago when buying a Desktop or Laptop PC, let alone the Internet Connection costs.

The popular online shopping website, had this to say "We saw significant growth over the 2012 Christmas shopping period, most notably in areas like toys and electronics, the latter of which showed exponential growth of over 80%."

While the majority of's users were on Desktops or Laptops, 10% came from Mobile hand-held devices.

In South Africa online shopping confidence has grown among buyers for several reasons.

The potential savings in money and time versus a Mall purchase, robust online payment security systems and efficient delivery services all pave the way to making online shopping an attractive option.

All that is needed now are more online shopping websites, providing, not only a broader range of products and services but also driving more competition in retail pricing and service delivery.

These days shopping is rarely a pleasant experience. In fact it's often annoying.

From high prices to shockingly bad service, it all adds up to something we'd rather avoid.

And the time it takes to shop, especially with the inevitable inefficient service? What's that worth? 100, 200, 500 rand an hour.

After all, to physically go to a shop, make the purchase and get it home can take a few hours. Plus the pain of it all.

It's certainly safe to say, we're going to see more and more online shopping websites and stores appearing in South Africa over the next few months and years. And those that get in there first are likely to benefit the most. Here's to Smart Retail.

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Outlined below are some of the benefits of using eCommerce or Online Shopping Carts for your business:

  • The costs of setting up an online store are far, far less than setting up a physical store.
  • Operational costs are far less with an Online Store.
  • Business processes are slicker and run more efficiently with an online store.
  • Your store is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Your store is reachable by the nation and beyond, not just your immediate goegraphical audience.
  • Your overheads are significantly less than those of a physical retail outlet. I.e. Advertising and Marketing, Personnel & Real Estate
  • Your profit margins have the potential to be significantly more than those of a physical retail outlet.
  • Create Markets for Niche Products, with your website being easily found in search engines.
  • Gather useful information about your customer and use this for future promotions and up-sells.

South Africa is desperately in need of Online Shopping Websites, with more and more Internet users searching for products to buy and literally drawing a blank.

There's a boom coming... you Snooze, you Lose!

Check out your Next Steps.

So, you've come this far, how do we take the next step and turn your ideas into reality?

Below are two common scenarios and example solutions:

Example 1: Modify Your Existing Website

So, you already have a website with good content, good user traffic, and good search engine results.

Perhaps you already have an online catalogue, just without the Shopping Cart functionality. Perhaps not.

Either way, you're at least half way there if this sounds like you.

With your website, brand and content already established, it's easy for us to develop and 'bolt on' your customised shopping cart solution.

Then we simply train you on how to manage your online store going forward or manage it for you for a small monthly fee.

Example 2: Start From Scratch

Perhaps all you have is the concept and research and now you need a brand, identity, marketing and sales strategy.

This is where we can get very hands on.

Having helped establish scores of new and fledgling businesses regarding these key business needs, we have the experience and passion to expand on your concept, presenting new, innovative ideas, pull together the entire campaign and then set about creating and implementing all the components.

Remember, we provide a One-Stop solution and can supply all the required services, i.e. Brainstorming, Strategy Consolidation, Logo Design, Corporate Identity Design, Website Design, Content Writing, Professional Photography, Shopping Carts, Content Management Solutions, Social Media Marketing and Management, all types of Print Advertising Design, i.e. Business Cards, Brochures, Signage, Vehicle Graphics.

We can even translate your content into foreign languages, opening you up to new, lucrative global markets.

Whatever your situation, there's no time like the present.

Turn that great idea into reality!

Contact Us now for information and a quote.

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